Ingredients, and what they are for.


Mango Butter:

  • Prevent the formation of wrinkles

  • Moisturize dry skin

  • Regenerate skin cells

  • Help restore skin’s elasticity

  • Protect the skin from sun damages

  • Provide relief for clogged pores

  • Help treat small wounds and cracks on skin

  • Prevent stretch marks (especially during pregnancy)

  • Help you relax from stress, muscle tension, aches and fatigue

  • Provide relief for skin allergies

  • Help treat skin rashes, blemishes, sunburn, and psoriasis


Shea Butter:


Healing Qualities:

Shea butter is known for its healing properties, which can be attributed to the presence of several fatty acids and plant sterols such as oleic, palmitic, stearic and linolenic acids. These oil-soluble components do not undergo saponification or convert into soap on coming in contact with alkali. Shea butter is more non-saponifiable than other nut oils and fats, thus imparting it a great healing potential for the skin. Raw unrefined shea butter is effective for curing skin rashes, skin peeling after tanning, scars, stretch marks, frost bites, burns, athletes foot, insect bites and stings, arthritis and muscle fatigue.



Antioxidant Qualities:

Shea butter contains plant antioxidants such as vitamins A and E, as well as catechins. The vitamins A and E protect the cells from free radicals and environmental damage. The cinnamic acid esters in shea fat helps in preventing skin damage from ultraviolet radiation.


Sun Protection:

Shea butter acts as a natural sunscreen by providing protection against the ultraviolet radiations of sun though the level of protection offered may be variable. Shea butter is considered as the best skincare for winter and after-sun care as it provides the extra moisture, nutrients and protection needed by your skin during the cold season and summer.


Anti-ageing Benefits:

Shea Butter is considered as one of the best anti-ageing and moisturizing agents for skin. It stimulates the production of collagen, the youthful scaffolding protein in the skin. The vitamins A and E found in this butter keep the skin supple, nourished and radiant and prevent premature wrinkles and facial lines. Shea butter penetrates the skin easily without clogging the pores and is effective for dry skin.


Restores Skin Elasticity:

Non-saponifiable matter and vitamin F in this butter are vital ingredients for maintaining skin-elasticity. Thus, application of shea butter restores the elasticity of the skin and helps maintain an even skin-tone besides hydrating, softening and beautifying it.




Cocoa Butter:

Antioxidants: Cocoa butter is high in antioxidants, which help fight off free radicals. Free radicals are causes of skin stressers and signs of aging.

  • It’s rich in lauric acid, which boosts immunity and destroys harmful bacteria, viruses, and funguses.

  • It actually boosts your metabolism, which aids in weight loss and increases energy levels.

  • It’s packed with healthy fats.

  • It’s full of essential amino acids, calcium, and magnesium.

Basically, coconut butter is just plain awesome.


Coconut Oil:


Anti-Aging Cream: Traditionally, coconut oil has been praised and popularized for its anti-aging properties.

Proteins: Like coconuts themselves, coconut oil is rich in many proteins. These proteins keep skin healthy and rejuvenated, both internally and externally. Proteins also contribute to cellular health and tissue repair, along with a wide range of other essential activities within the body. For any damaged cells on or near the skin, a healthy of flow of proteins guarantees their replacement at a normal rate, whereas people with protein-deficient diets heal slower and often develop more obvious scars due to the extended healing time.

The best property of coconut oil that makes it so beneficial for skin is that it does not become rancid. When you apply it on the skin, it can work for a longer time, unlike many other oils, without it getting rancid. Due to these various beneficial properties of coconut oil, it is used as an important ingredient inour skin care lotion bars and scrubs.


Vitamin E Oil:


Wrinkles come from age, free radical damage, improper skin care and poor habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol in excess. According to the book "Healing with Vitamins: the Most Effective Vitamin and Mineral Treatments for Everyday Health Problems and Serious Disease," is vitamin E oil it prevents the formation of wrinkles by blocking free radical damage. It treats wrinkles by boosting collagen production, a connective tissue that keeps skin elastic. Vitamin E oil also treats wrinkles by supporting new skin cell growth and speeding up cell regeneration.



Scar tissue is stubborn skin that comes from burns, old wounds and surgeries. Vitamin E oil is helpful for scar healing and prevention because it goes beneath the surface of skin to block free radicals. Free radicals are especially harmful to scar tissue because they prohibit healing. Diane Irons, author of "911 Beauty Secrets: an Emergency Guide to Looking Great at Every Age, Size and Budget," explains that the strong antioxidant power in vitamin E also aids in collagen production, which gives skin its elasticity and is not present in scar tissue.


Brown Spots

Brown spots on the skin are caused by aging, free radical damage and poor liver function. Vitamin E oil prevents and repairs free radical damage. When applied topically to brown spots on the skin, it helps to lighten and smooth the rough skin by lubricating cell membranes and encouraging cell regeneration.


Cuticles and heels

Vitamin E oil is an effective treatment for dry, cracked cuticles and heels.




Cinnamon Essential Oil:

According to Modern Essentials, the properties within a quality brand of cinnamon bark oil include:


  • Antibacterial

  • Antidepressant

  • Antifungal

  • Anti-infectious (especially intestinal and urinary system)

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Antimicrobial

  • Antioxidant

  • Antiparasitic

  • Antiseptic

  • Antispasmodic

  • Antiviral

  • Astringent

  • Enhancing of other oils

  • Immune Stimulant

  • Purifier

  • Sexual Stimulant

  • Warming


Eucalyptos Essential Oil:

According to Modern Essentials, the properties of eucalyptus essential oil include:


  • Analgesic

  • Antibacterial

  • Anticatarrhal

  • Anti-Infectious

  • Anti-Inflammatory

  • Antiviral

  • Insecticidal

  • Expectorant


Peppermint Essential Oil:

Some of the most common benefits of peppermint essential oil include:

  • Reduces stomach aches

  • Freshens breath

  • Relieves headaches

  • Improves mental focus

  • Clears respiratory tract

  • Boosts energy

  • Releases tight muscles


Francinsense Essential Oil:

According to Modern Essentials, the properties of Oman oil of frankincense include:


  • Anticatarrhal

  • Anticancer

  • Antidepressant

  • Anti-infection

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Antiseptic

  • Antitumor

  • Expectorant

  • Immune stimulant

  • Sedative


Lavender Eseential Oil:

Today, lavender oil benefits your body in the following ways: 

  • Reduces anxiety and emotional stress

  • Heals burns and wounds

  • Improves sleep

  • Restores skin complexion and reduces acne

  • Slows aging with powerful antioxidants

  • Improves eczema and psoriasis

  • Alleviates headaches



Chamomille Essential Oil:

According to Modern Essentials, the properties within a quality brand of roman chamomile oil include:


  • Anti-infectious

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Anti-parasitic

  • Calming

  • Relaxing

This information is for educational purposes only, it is not intended to treat, cure, prevent or, diagnose any disease or condition. Nor is it intended to prescribe in any way. This information is for educational purposes only and may not be complete, nor may its data be accurate. 



As with all essential oils, never use them undiluted. Do not take internally unless working with a qualified and expert practitioner. Keep away from children. If applying an essential oil to your skin always perform a small patch test to an insensitive part of the body (after you have properly diluted the oil in an appropriate carrier. Please consult a health care professional if you have any serious medical conditions. Be well!


There are no preservatives in our recipes so I suggest you keep the lotion bars and scubs in the fridge and for the scrubs refill a small 1/2 ounce container to use within a few days or so and take it with you into the shower or bath.