I have used "Z" Lux Skin Care products for about two weeks now and the product has helped me tremendously with the dry skin on my face and has even helped giving my skin achieve a more radiant glow!

I would definitely recommend the product to anyone especially those with very dry skin.




D. Moorman

I have been using Andrea's "Z" Lux skin care line for over two months now. With my first application of the oil bars I noticed fine lines dimensions around my mouth, forehead and neck. I soon used it all over to give my skin a radiant glow. Not long after that Andrea introduced her skin scrub to me. Wow, what a added boost to my face regiment. I have not used it as a cellulite tool yet but I love it morning and night on my face. After years of abuse of being out in the elements working on the fire department this is one girl who loves the added pampering ...…...thanks Andrea!!! P. Setter

me before and after 8 years.png

The photo on the left was taken in 2012, it was so bad, I could not even put any eye shadow on my eyes. The photo on the right was taken in 2019 after using Radio Frequencies treatments on my face and Z Lux skincare products. 


Andrea Hardy

Batron before and after.jpeg

Radio Frequency treatment

Andrea before and after.jpeg

Lipo Laser Treatment and Radio Frequency treatment in one session

me before and after.png